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Chris and Keith

Chris MacEwen (L), Keith Jones (R)

The secret to success is in the process and planning.

Founded on the principles that process and planning come before purchasing, TJMG Properties, LLC, is a full service Licensed Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management firm in the Upstate New York area, but just a few short years ago TJMG consisted of 2 young men pursuing a dream of entrepreneurship.

2008 – The birth of an idea

Chris explains: “I was living in Chicago at the time (2008) and Keith was visiting.  We were lamenting our respective boring corporate jobs while sitting at Borders, the infamous big-box mega bookstore that sadly closed its doors in 2011.  We were randomly researching how to form a company…without even knowing what company we wanted for ourselves.  We wondered how we could best complement our skill sets, and after thinking about my strength in Finance and Process Improvement (Six Sigma) and his strengths in Sales, Operations, and Field/Vendor Management, we just started to naturally go down the Real Estate Investment path.

Hence, The Jones & MacEwen Group, LLC, named after Keith Jones and Chris MacEwen was born in June of 2008.

With stamped corporation paperwork in hand, the two college buddies began their process and planning, which started with the creation of an acquisition/management procedure and a completely customized proprietary operating system.  Keith shares, “We did not want to make our first purchase without a full A-Z plan in place.”

5005 Dahlia Liverpool

2009 – The first purchase

While both still employed full-time for other companies, Keith and Chris purchased their first property for a mere $120,000 at 5005 Dahlia Circle in Liverpool, NY, on November 30, 2009. Keith spent nights and weekends repairing and renovating until it was rented on December 15th. Both partners being completely surprised that they were able to lease it so quickly with the holidays right around the corner.

Keith says, “When we bought that first 3BR single family home, our thought at the time, was…’hey, that will be a nice little $100k nest egg for us a few years down the road’.  We never dreamed that it would morph into a $15M portfolio and a $3M/yr Property Management company just 5 years later.”

Stay tuned! The story continues… and gets better!

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